Japanese government OKs "burning as REGULAR garbage"and "reuse" of wastes with cesium density ≤8,000 Bq/kg (PART 2)

Multi-billion-dollar Fukushima "reconstruction" based on a sham to profit big contractors colluded with Abe LDP government twice. Japanese government's "Air dose fraud"

March 6,2020 : Minister of Justice Yuko Mori of Fukushima constituency tweets her gratitude for Minister of Environment, Shinjiro Koizumi, for his placing 8 potted leafy plants in his and stuff's offices. She says same plants to be placed in Ministry of Justice.
Mori reports no radiation air dose(γ) change in his office before and after placing the plants.

Foliage plants in the Environment Ministry sound soothing, unless they are radioactive...

Each plant Koizumi places contains 2 to 5 kg of the removed radioactive soil in Fukushima with cesium(others ignored) density of around 5,100 Bq/kg.

It's obvious 5,100 Bq/kg soil is covered with clean soil to block γ radiation as MOE plans to landfill 8,000 Bq/kg soil under motorway's construction or whatever public works. However it doesn't at all guarantee the toxic soil wouldn't leak into groundwater or spread into air as radioactive dust over time to cause internal exposure for nearby residents.

Mori and Koizumi's common remark "No change of air dose" is the typical "air dose fraud" to ignore the risk of more hazardous internal exposure of radioactive substances,which Japanese government has been engaging in since Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster.

Koizumi places 2 planters in his office to help government dispel the public fears for radiation ahead of the Ministry's "REUSE" project of Fukushima toxic soil once removed for "reconstruction".
MOE claims soil with up to cesium density of 8,000 Bq/kg is "safe" for reusing in public works and horticultural farmland NATIONWIDE.

2019年2月26日福島汚染土、県内で再利用計画 「99%可能」国が試算
February, 2019 : Japanese Abe government estimates 99 % of more than 14 million m3 "removed" radioactive soil would be "REUSABLE".The Reuse project plans to start in Fukushima.

Japan government vowed 1.4 to 2.2 million tons of toxic soil in interim storage in Fukushima Prefecture would be relocated to outside of the Prefecture by 2045 for final disposal.
In 2016, however, as finding final disposal site(s) is a killer assignment, the incompetent yet irresponsible government looks easy way out, as always,which is
"Let's make it safe by changing the law to relax the legal limit by 80 times!No immediate danger,anyway. No trouble with looking for final disposal sites,and everybody is happy,especially our contractors who remove and spread the toxic soil to double their income. "?



除染土の再利用地で、野菜の試験栽培開始 環境省

MOE's madness is escalating...
May 12, 2020 : Ministry of Environment to conduct a test growing of vegetables with radioactive soil removed in Iitate Village, Fukushima.
MOE seeking revision of the ministry ordinance to greenlight "reuse" project of the soil with max.cesium density of 8,000 Bq/kg, postpones the revision waiting for possible food plants growing with the soil.
Many of nealy 3,000 public opinions on the issue are opposing to the reuse plan.

It's absolutely natural that there are voice of strong protest against the insane disposal and reuse of those soil with max 80 times of legal radioactive waste's standard for cesium, "100 Bq/kg".

The followings are just a few of those protests and are quite well rigid justifications and arguments.
I'm sorry for my lack of time to translate them into English for now. Try Google translator or else,will you please?


一億総被ばくの国家プロジェクト… 8,000ベクレル/kg以下の除染土を 全国の公共事業に!?



Which country in the world allows burning radioactive waste with max. 8,000 Bq/kg of cesium as "regular household garbage" and "reuse" of them for public works and horticultural farmlands nationwide?
Which county's Environment Minister brings planters each of which contains 2 to 5 kg of radioactive soil with cesium density of 5,100 Bq/kg in the ministry's office and claims they help dispel public's radiation fears?

Japanese government and the ministry of Environment may violate "Laws Concerning the Prevention from Radiation Hazards due to Radioisotopes and Others"





REMEMBER the Japanese government makes up the ultimate nuclear myth, following the shattered myth "Nuclear plants are safe",

Nation of the sinking Sun...


Watch your step..."It's safe because no link to radiation is proven" Pro-nukes keeps saying,though. Radiation may grow indifferent to more defenseless pro-nukes...
Protect yourselves according to precautionary principle.
Japanese government should prevent radioactive substances of Fukushima Dai-ichi fallout from spreading nationwide with maximum effort for the nation's future generation.


6 MOE ministers,vice minister,high officials who engaged in Fukushima and "reconstruction" died at his or her age 40 to 72 in past 3 years.
One MP from Aomori, Rokkasho nuclear fuel recycle facility is located died of cancer at his age 52.
May RIP...